Chapter 78.44 RCW


RCW Sections

78.44.010Legislative finding.
78.44.040Administration of chapter -- Rule-making authority.
78.44.045Surface mining reclamation account.
78.44.050Exclusive authority to regulate reclamation -- Department may delegate enforcement authority to counties, cities, towns -- Other laws not affected.
78.44.055Surface mining of coal -- Preemption of chapter by federal laws, programs.
78.44.060Investigations, research, etc. -- Dissemination of information.
78.44.070Cooperation with other agencies -- Receipt and expenditure of funds.
78.44.081Reclamation permits required -- Applications.
78.44.083Reclamation permit -- Refusal to issue.
78.44.085Application fee -- Annual permit fee -- Confidential records -- Appeals -- Collection of fees.
78.44.087Performance security required -- Department authority.
78.44.091Reclamation plans -- Approval process.
78.44.101Joint reclamation plans may be required.
78.44.111Segmental reclamation -- Primary objective.
78.44.121Reclamation setbacks -- Exemption.
78.44.131Reclamation specifics -- Basic objective -- Modifications for metals mining and milling operations -- Timeline.
78.44.141Reclamation -- Minimum standards -- Waiver.
78.44.151Reclamation plans -- Modification, when required -- SEPA.
78.44.161Reclamation compliance -- Inspection of disturbed area -- Special inspection requirements for metals mining and milling operations.
78.44.171Reclamation -- Transfer of permits.
78.44.181Reclamation -- Report by permit holder on anniversary date.
78.44.190Deficiencies -- Order to rectify -- Time extension.
78.44.200Immediate danger -- Emergency notice and order to rectify deficiencies -- Emergency order to suspend surface mining.
78.44.210Suspension of a reclamation permit.
78.44.220Declaration of abandonment -- Reclamation -- Subsequent miner.
78.44.230Abandonment -- Cancellation of the reclamation permit.
78.44.240Reclamation by the department -- Order to submit performance security -- Cost recovery.
78.44.250Fines -- Civil penalties -- Damage recovery.
78.44.260Operating without permit -- Penalty.
78.44.270Appeals -- Standing.
78.44.280Underground operation -- Surface disturbances subject to chapter.
78.44.300Reclamation awards -- Recognition of excellence.
78.44.310Reclamation consulting -- No cost service.
78.44.320Definitions applicable to RCW 78.44.330.
78.44.330Mineral trespass -- Penalty.
78.44.340Mineral trespass -- Limitation on application.
78.44.350Blanket performance security.
78.44.360Performance security insufficient to cover cost of reclamation -- Lien established in favor of department.
78.44.370Notice of correction.
78.44.380Stop work orders.
78.44.390Cancellation of a reclamation permit.
78.44.910Previously mined land.
78.44.920Effective date -- 1970 ex.s. c 64.
78.44.930Severability -- 1970 ex.s. c 64.