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Blanket performance security.

(1) A permit holder, in lieu of an individual performance security for each mining site, may file a blanket performance security with the department for their group of permits.
(2) The department may reduce the required performance security calculated from its standard method prescribed in RCW 78.44.087, to an amount not to exceed the sum of reclamation security calculated by the department for the two surface mines with the largest performance security obligations, for nonmetal and nonfuel surface mines that meet the following conditions:
(a) The permit holder has had a valid reclamation permit for more than ten years and can demonstrate exemplary mining and reclamation practices that have been accepted by the department;
(b) The landowner agrees to allow the permit holder to hold a blanket security. The department must include, on forms to be signed by the landowner, notice of the risk of a lien on the landowner's lands; and
(c) The permit holder can demonstrate substantial financial ability to perform the reclamation in the approved reclamation plan and permit.
(3) Permit holders are not eligible for blanket securities if they are in violation of a final order of the department.
(4) The department must consider the compliance history and the state of the existing surface mines of the permit holder before approving any blanket performance security.
(5) Lands covered by a blanket performance security are subject to a lien placed by the department in the event of abandonment.
(6) In lieu of the performance security required of the permit holder, the department may accept a similar security from the landowner, equal to the estimated cost of reclamation as determined by the department.
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