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Reclamation plansModification, when requiredSEPA.

(1) The permit holder may modify the reclamation plan at any time during the term of the permit provided that the modified reclamation plan meets the protections, mitigations, and reclamation goals of RCW 78.44.091, 78.44.131, and 78.44.141.
(2) The department may require a permit holder to modify the reclamation plan if the department determines:
(a) That the previously approved reclamation plan has not been modified during the past ten years; or
(b) That the permit holder has violated or is not substantially following the previously approved reclamation plan.
(3) Modified reclamation plans shall be reviewed by the department as lead agency under SEPA. Such SEPA analyses shall consider only those impacts relating directly to the proposed modifications. Copies of proposed and approved modifications shall be sent to the appropriate county, city, or town.


CaptionsSeverabilityEffective date1993 c 518: See notes following RCW 78.44.010.
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