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Reclamation plansApproval process.

An applicant shall provide a reclamation plan and copies acceptable to the department prior to obtaining a reclamation permit. The department shall have the sole authority to approve reclamation plans. Reclamation plans or modified reclamation plans submitted to the department after June 30, 1993, shall meet or exceed the minimum reclamation standards set forth in this chapter and by the department in rule. Each applicant shall also supply copies of the proposed plans and final reclamation plan approved by the department to the county, city, or town in which the mine will be located. The department shall solicit comment from local government prior to approving a reclamation plan. The reclamation plan shall include:
(1) A written narrative describing the proposed mining and reclamation scheme with:
(a) A statement of a proposed subsequent use of the land after reclamation that is consistent with the local land use designation. Approval of the reclamation plan shall not vest the proposed subsequent use of the land;
(b) If the permit holder is not the sole landowner, a copy of the conveyance or a written statement that expressly grants or reserves the right to extract minerals by surface mining methods;
(c) A simple and accurate legal description of the permit area and disturbed areas;
(d) The maximum depth of mining;
(e) A reasonably accurate description of the minerals to be mined;
(f) A description of the method of mining;
(g) A description of the sequence of mining that will provide, within limits of normal procedures of the industry, for completion of surface mining and associated disturbance on each portion of the permit area so that reclamation can be initiated at the earliest possible time on each segment of the mine;
(h) A schedule for progressive reclamation of each segment of the mine;
(i) Where mining on floodplains or in river or stream channels is contemplated, a thoroughly documented hydrogeologic evaluation that will outline measures that would protect against or would mitigate avulsion and erosion as determined by the department;
(j) Where mining is contemplated within critical aquifer recharge areas, special protection areas as defined by chapter 90.48 RCW and implementing rules, public water supply watersheds, sole source aquifers, wellhead protection areas, and designated aquifer protection areas as set forth in chapter 36.36 RCW, a thoroughly documented hydrogeologic analysis of the reclamation plan may be required; and
(k) Additional information as required by the department including but not limited to: The positions of reclamation setbacks and screening, conservation of topsoil, interim reclamation, revegetation, postmining erosion control, drainage control, slope stability, disposal of mine wastes, control of fill material, development of wetlands, ponds, lakes, and impoundments, and rehabilitation of topography.
(2) Maps of the surface mine showing:
(a) All applicable data required in the narrative portion of the reclamation plan;
(b) Existing topographic contours;
(c) Contours depicting specifications for surface gradient restoration appropriate to the proposed subsequent use of the land and meeting the minimum reclamation standards;
(d) Locations and names of all roads, railroads, and utility lines on or adjacent to the area;
(e) Locations and types of proposed access roads to be built in conjunction with the surface mining;
(f) Detailed and accurate boundaries of the permit area, screening, reclamation setbacks, and maximum extent of the disturbed area; and
(g) Estimated depth to groundwater and the locations of surface water bodies and wetlands both prior to and after mining.
(3) At least two cross sections of the mine including all applicable data required in the narrative and map portions of the reclamation plan.
(4) Evidence that the proposed surface mine has been approved under local zoning and land use regulations.
(5) Written approval of the reclamation plan by the landowner for mines permitted after June 30, 1993.
(6) Other supporting data and documents regarding the surface mine as reasonably required by the department.
If the department refuses to approve a reclamation plan in the form submitted by an applicant or permit holder, it shall notify the applicant or permit holder stating the reasons for its determination and describe such additional requirements to the applicant or permit holder's reclamation plan as are necessary for the approval of the plan by the department. If the department refuses to approve a complete reclamation plan within one hundred twenty days, the miner or permit holder may appeal this determination under the provisions of this chapter.
Only insignificant deviations may occur from the approved reclamation plan without prior written approval by the department for the proposed change.


CaptionsSeverabilityEffective date1993 c 518: See notes following RCW 78.44.010.
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