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Improvement of conditions for growth of game fish.

The director may spend moneys to improve natural growing conditions for fish by constructing fishways, installing screens, and removing obstructions to migratory fish. The eradication of undesirable fish shall be authorized by the commission. The director may enter into cooperative agreements with state, county, municipal, and federal agencies, and with private individuals for these purposes.
[ 1987 c 506 s 46; 1980 c 78 s 59; 1955 c 36 s 77.12.420. Prior: 1947 c 127 s 1; Rem. Supp. 1947 s 5944-1.]


Legislative findings and intent1987 c 506: See note following RCW 77.04.020.
Effective dateIntent, constructionSavingsSeverability1980 c 78: See notes following RCW 77.04.010.
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