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Director may take or sell fish or shellfish—Restrictions on sale of salmon.

(1) The director may take or remove any species of fish or shellfish from the waters or beaches of the state.
(2) The director may sell food fish or shellfish caught or taken during department test fishing operations.
(3) The director shall not sell inedible salmon for human consumption. Salmon and carcasses may be given to state institutions or schools or to economically depressed people, unless the salmon are unfit for human consumption. Salmon not fit for human consumption may be sold by the director for animal food, fish food, or for industrial purposes.
(4) In the sale of surplus salmon from state hatcheries, the director shall require that a portion of the surplus salmon be processed and returned to the state by the purchaser. The processed salmon shall be fit for human consumption and in a form suitable for distribution to individuals. The department shall establish the required percentage at a level that does not discourage competitive bidding for the surplus salmon. The measure of the percentage is the combined value of all of the surplus salmon sold. The department of social and health services shall distribute the processed salmon to economically depressed individuals and state institutions pursuant to rules adopted by the department of social and health services.


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