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Mass earth movements and fluvial processesProgram to correct hazardous conditions on sites associated with roads and railroad gradesHazard-reduction plans.

(1) Mass earth movements and fluvial processes can endanger public resources and public safety. In some cases, action can be taken which has a probability of reducing the danger to public resources and public safety. In other cases it may be best to take no action. In order to determine where and what, if any, actions should be taken on forestlands, the department shall develop a program to correct hazardous conditions on identified sites associated with roads and railroad grades constructed on private and public forestlands prior to January 1, 1987. The first priority treatment shall be accorded to those roads and railroad grades constructed before the effective date of the forest practices act of 1974.
(2) This program shall be designed to accomplish the purposes and policies set forth in RCW 76.09.010. For each geographic area studied, the department shall produce a hazard-reduction plan which shall consist of the following elements:
(a) Identification of sites where the department determines that earth movements or fluvial processes pose a significant danger to public resources or public safety: PROVIDED, That no liability shall attach to the state of Washington or the department for failure to identify such sites;
(b) Recommendations for the implementation of any appropriate hazard-reduction measures on the identified sites, which minimize interference with natural processes and disturbance to the environment;
(c) Analysis of the costs and benefits of each of the hazard-reduction alternatives, including a no-action alternative.
(3) In developing these plans, it is intended that the department utilize appropriate scientific expertise including a geomorphologist, a forest hydrologist, and a forest engineer.
(4) In developing these plans, the department shall consult with affected tribes, landowners, governmental agencies, and interested parties.
(5) Unless requested by a forestland owner under RCW 76.09.320, the department shall study geographic areas for participation in the program only to the extent that funds have been appropriated for cost sharing of hazard-reduction measures under RCW 76.09.320.
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