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Advisory committee to review hazard-reduction plans authorizedCompensation, travel expenses.

The forest practices board may, upon request of the department or at its own discretion, appoint an advisory committee consisting of not more than five members qualified by appropriate experience and training to review and comment upon such draft hazard reduction plans prepared by the department as the department submits for review.
If an advisory committee is established, and within ninety days following distribution of a draft plan, the advisory committee shall prepare a written report on each hazard reduction plan submitted to it. The report, which shall be kept on file by the department, shall address each of those elements described in RCW 76.09.300(2).
Final authority for each plan is vested in the department, and advisory committee comments and decisions shall be advisory only. The exercise by advisory committee members of their authority to review and comment shall not imply or create any liability on their part. Advisory committee members shall be compensated as provided for in RCW 43.03.250 and shall receive reimbursement for travel expenses as provided by RCW 43.03.050 and 43.03.060.
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