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Reentry community services programContract for case managementUse of appropriated funds.

(1) The director shall contract, to the extent that funds are appropriated for this purpose, for case management services and such other services as the director deems necessary to assist persons identified under RCW 72.09.370 for participation in the reentry community services program. The contracts may be with any qualified and appropriate entities. The director shall ensure the authority has coverage in all counties of the state for the purposes of providing reentry community services program services.
(2) The case manager has the authority to assist these persons in obtaining the services, as set forth in the plan created under RCW 72.09.370(2), for up to five years. The services may include coordination of mental health services, assistance with unfunded medical expenses, assistance obtaining substance use disorder treatment, housing, employment services, educational or vocational training, independent living skills, parenting education, anger management services, peer services, and such other services as the case manager deems necessary.
(3) The legislature intends that funds appropriated for the purposes of RCW 72.09.370, 71.05.145, and 71.05.212, and this section are to supplement and not to supplant general funding. Funds appropriated to implement RCW 72.09.370, 71.05.145, and 71.05.212, and this section are not to be considered available resources as defined in RCW 71.24.025 and are not subject to the priorities, terms, or conditions in the appropriations act established pursuant to RCW 71.24.035.
(4) The reentry community services program was formerly known as the community integration assistance program.


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