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Offenders with mental illnessesReport to legislature.

The authority, in collaboration with the department of corrections and the oversight committee created in RCW 71.24.455, shall track outcomes and submit to the legislature annual reports regarding services and outcomes. The reports shall include the following: (1) A statistical analysis regarding the reoffense and reinstitutionalization rate by the enrollees in the program set forth in RCW 71.24.455; (2) a quantitative description of the services provided in the program set forth in RCW 71.24.455; and (3) recommendations for any needed modifications in the services and funding levels to increase the effectiveness of the program set forth in RCW 71.24.455.


Effective date2019 c 325: See note following RCW 71.24.011.
FindingsIntentEffective date2018 c 201: See notes following RCW 41.05.018.
PurposeIntent1999 c 10: See note following RCW 71.24.025.
Severability1997 c 342: See note following RCW 71.24.450.
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