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Inspection feesReceipts forPressure systems safety fund.

The chief inspector shall give an official receipt for all fees required by chapter 70.79 RCW and shall transfer all sums so received to the treasurer of the state of Washington as ex officio custodian thereof and the treasurer shall place all sums in a special fund hereby created and designated as the "pressure systems safety fund". Funds shall be paid out upon vouchers duly and regularly issued therefor and approved by the director of the department of labor and industries. The treasurer, as ex officio custodian of the fund, shall keep an accurate record of any payments into the fund, and of all disbursements therefrom. The fund shall be used exclusively to defray only the expenses of administering chapter 70.79 RCW by the chief inspector as authorized by law and the expenses incident to the maintenance of the office. The fund shall be charged with its pro rata share of the cost of administering the fund which is to be determined by the director of financial management and by the director of the department of labor and industries.
During the 2003-2005 fiscal biennium, the legislature may transfer from the pressure systems safety fund to the state general fund such amounts as reflect the excess fund balance of the fund.


SeverabilityEffective date2003 1st sp.s. c 25: See notes following RCW 19.28.351.
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