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Department approval requiredApplicationFees.

(1) A person may not engage in the acquisition of a nonprofit hospital without first having applied for and received the approval of the department under this chapter.
(2) An application must be submitted to the department on forms provided by the department, and at a minimum must include: The name of the hospital being acquired, the name of the acquiring person or other parties to the acquisition, the acquisition price, a copy of the acquisition agreement, a financial and economic analysis and report from an independent expert or consultant of the effect of the acquisition under the criteria in RCW 70.45.070, and all other related documents. The applications and all related documents are considered public records for purposes of chapter 42.56 RCW.
(3) The department shall charge an applicant fees sufficient to cover the costs of implementing this chapter. The fees must include the cost of the attorney general's opinion under RCW 70.45.060. The department shall transfer this portion of the fee, upon receipt, to the attorney general.
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