Chapter 70.45 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.45.010Legislative findings.
HTMLPDF 70.45.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.45.030Department approval requiredApplicationFees.
HTMLPDF 70.45.040ApplicationsDeficienciesPublic notice.
HTMLPDF 70.45.050Public hearings.
HTMLPDF 70.45.060Attorney general review and opinionDepartment review and decisionAdjudicative proceedings.
HTMLPDF 70.45.070Department reviewCriteria to safeguard charitable assets.
HTMLPDF 70.45.080Department reviewCriteria for continued existence of accessible, affordable health care.
HTMLPDF 70.45.090Approval of acquisition requiredInjunctions.
HTMLPDF 70.45.100ComplianceDepartment authorityHearingsRevocation or suspension of hospital licenseReferral to attorney general for action.
HTMLPDF 70.45.110Authority of attorney general to ensure compliance.
HTMLPDF 70.45.120Acquisitions completed before July 27, 1997, not subject to this chapter.
HTMLPDF 70.45.130Common law and statutory authority of attorney general.
HTMLPDF 70.45.140Rule-making and contracting authority.