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Facilities excluded.

RCW 70.395.040 through 70.395.080 do not apply to a facility that is:
(1) Providing rehabilitative, counseling, treatment, mental health, educational, or medical services to juveniles who are subject to Title 13 RCW, or similarly applicable federal law;
(2) Providing evaluation and treatment or forensic services to a person who has been civilly detained or is subject to an order of commitment by a court pursuant to chapter 10.77, 71.05, 71.09, or 71.34 RCW, or similarly applicable federal law, including facilities regulated under chapters 70.41, 71.12, and 71.24 RCW;
(3) Used for the quarantine or isolation of persons for public health reasons pursuant to RCW 43.20.050, or similarly applicable federal law;
(4) Used for work release under chapter 72.65 RCW, or similarly applicable federal law;
(5) Used for extraordinary medical placement;
(6) Used for residential substance use disorder treatment; or
(7) Owned and operated by federally recognized tribes and contracting with a government.


Effective dateConstruction2023 c 419: See notes following RCW 42.56.475.
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