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Estimate of program cost for upcoming yearAssessment collectionSurplus assessmentsStart-up funding.

(1) The secretary shall estimate the total nonfederal program cost for the upcoming calendar year by October 1, 2010, and October 1st of each year thereafter. Additionally, the secretary shall subtract any amounts needed to serve children enrolled in state purchased health care programs covering low-income children for whom federal vaccine funding is not available, and report the final amount to the association. In addition, the secretary shall perform such calculation for the period of May 1st through December 31st, 2010, as soon as feasible but in no event later than April 1, 2010. The estimates shall be timely communicated to the association.
(2) The board of directors of the association shall determine the method and timing of assessment collection in consultation with the department of health. The board shall use a formula designed by the board to ensure the total anticipated nonfederal program cost, minus costs for other children served through state purchased health care programs covering low-income children, calculated under subsection (1) of this section, is collected and transmitted to the universal vaccine purchase account created in RCW 43.70.720 in order to ensure adequacy of state funds to order state-supplied vaccine from federal centers for disease control and prevention.
(3) Each licensed health carrier and each third-party administrator on behalf of its clients' health benefit plans must be assessed and is required to timely remit payment for its share of the total amount needed to fund nonfederal program costs calculated by the department of health. Such an assessment includes additional funds as determined necessary by the board to cover the reasonable costs for the association's administration. The board shall determine the assessment methodology, with the intent of ensuring that the nonfederal costs are based on actual usage of vaccine for a health carrier or third-party administrator's covered lives. State and local governments and school districts must pay their portion of vaccine expense for covered lives under this chapter.
(4) The board of the association shall develop a mechanism through which the number and cost of doses of vaccine purchased under this chapter that have been administered to children covered by each health carrier, and each third-party administrator's clients health benefit plans, are attributed to each such health carrier and third-party administrator. Except as otherwise permitted by the board, this mechanism must include at least the following: Date of service; patient name; vaccine received; and health benefit plan eligibility. The data must be collected and maintained in a manner consistent with applicable state and federal health information privacy laws. Beginning November 1, 2011, and each November 1st thereafter, the board shall factor the results of this mechanism for the previous year into the determination of the appropriate assessment amount for each health carrier and third-party administrator for the upcoming year.
(5) For any year in which the total calculated cost to be received from association members through assessments is less than the total nonfederal program cost, the association must pay the difference to the state for deposit into the universal vaccine purchase account established in RCW 43.70.720. The board may assess, and the health carrier and third-party administrators are obligated to pay, their proportionate share of such costs and appropriate reserves as determined by the board.
(6) The aggregate amount to be raised by the association in any year may be reduced by any surpluses remaining from prior years.
(7) In order to generate sufficient start-up funding, the association may accept prepayment from member health carriers and third-party administrators, subject to offset of future amounts otherwise owing or other repayment method as determined by the board. The initial deposit of start-up funding must be deposited into the universal vaccine purchase account on or before April 30, 2010.
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