Chapter 70.290 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.290.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.290.020Washington vaccine associationCreation.
HTMLPDF 70.290.030Composition of associationBoard of directorsDuties.
HTMLPDF 70.290.040Estimate of program cost for upcoming yearAssessment collectionSurplus assessmentsStart-up funding.
HTMLPDF 70.290.050Selection of vaccines to be purchasedCommittee.
HTMLPDF 70.290.060Additional duties and powers of the association and secretaryPenaltyRules.
HTMLPDF 70.290.070Board shall submit financial report to the secretary.
HTMLPDF 70.290.075Third-party administratorsRegistration and reporting.
HTMLPDF 70.290.080Limitation of liability.
HTMLPDF 70.290.090Vote to recommend termination of the associationDisposition of funds.
HTMLPDF 70.290.100Physicians and clinics ordering state supplied vaccineTracking of vaccine deliveredDocumentation.
HTMLPDF 70.290.110Judicial invalidation of program's fundingTermination of program.
HTMLPDF 70.290.900Effective date2010 c 174.