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Report of referees, confirmationEffect.

The court may confirm or set aside the report in whole or in part, and if necessary, appoint new referees. Upon the report being confirmed a decree shall be entered that such partition be effectual forever, which decree shall be binding and conclusive:
(1) On all parties named therein, and their legal representatives who have at the time any interest in the property divided, or any part thereof as owners in fee, or as tenants for life or for years, or as entitled to the reversion, remainder or inheritance of such property or any part thereof, after the termination of a particular estate therein, or who by any contingency may be entitled to a beneficial interest in the property, or who have an interest in any undivided share thereof, as tenants for years or for life.
(2) On all persons interested in the property to whom notice shall have been given by publication.
(3) On all other persons claiming from or through such parties or persons or either of them.
[Code 1881 § 561; 1877 p 118 § 566; 1869 p 135 § 514; RRS § 847.]
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