Chapter 7.52 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.52.010Persons entitled to bring action.
HTMLPDF 7.52.020Requisites of complaint.
HTMLPDF 7.52.030Lien creditors as parties defendant.
HTMLPDF 7.52.040Notice.
HTMLPDF 7.52.050Service by publication.
HTMLPDF 7.52.060AnswerContents.
HTMLPDF 7.52.070TrialProof must be taken.
HTMLPDF 7.52.080Order of sale or partition.
HTMLPDF 7.52.090Partition, how made.
HTMLPDF 7.52.100Report of referees, confirmationEffect.
HTMLPDF 7.52.110Decree does not affect tenant.
HTMLPDF 7.52.120Costs.
HTMLPDF 7.52.130Sale of property.
HTMLPDF 7.52.140Estate for life or years to be set off.
HTMLPDF 7.52.150Lien creditors to be brought in.
HTMLPDF 7.52.160Clerk's certificate of unsatisfied judgment liens.
HTMLPDF 7.52.170Ascertainment of liensPriority.
HTMLPDF 7.52.180Notice to lienholders.
HTMLPDF 7.52.190Proceedings and report of referee.
HTMLPDF 7.52.200Exceptions to reportService of notice on absentee.
HTMLPDF 7.52.210Order of confirmation is conclusive.
HTMLPDF 7.52.220Distribution of proceeds of sale.
HTMLPDF 7.52.230Other securities to be first exhausted.
HTMLPDF 7.52.240Lien proceedings not to delay sale.
HTMLPDF 7.52.250Distribution at direction of court.
HTMLPDF 7.52.260Continuance of suit to determine claims.
HTMLPDF 7.52.270Sales to be by public auction.
HTMLPDF 7.52.280Terms of sale to be directed by court.
HTMLPDF 7.52.290Referee may take security.
HTMLPDF 7.52.300Estate of tenant for life or years may be sold.
HTMLPDF 7.52.310Tenant for life or years may receive sum in grossConsent.
HTMLPDF 7.52.320Court to determine sum if consent not given.
HTMLPDF 7.52.330Protection of unknown tenant.
HTMLPDF 7.52.340Contingent or vested estates.
HTMLPDF 7.52.350Terms of sale must be made known.
HTMLPDF 7.52.360Referees or guardians not to be interested in purchase.
HTMLPDF 7.52.370Referees' report of saleContents.
HTMLPDF 7.52.380ExceptionsConfirmation.
HTMLPDF 7.52.390Purchase by interested party.
HTMLPDF 7.52.400Investment of proceeds of unknown owner.
HTMLPDF 7.52.410Investment in name of clerk.
HTMLPDF 7.52.420Securities to parties entitled to share when proportions determined.
HTMLPDF 7.52.430Duties of clerk in making investments.
HTMLPDF 7.52.440Unequal partitionCompensation adjudged.
HTMLPDF 7.52.450Infant's share of proceeds to guardian.
HTMLPDF 7.52.460Guardian or limited guardian of incompetent or disabled person may receive proceedsBond.
HTMLPDF 7.52.470Guardian or limited guardian may consent to partition.
HTMLPDF 7.52.480Apportionment of costs.


Real property and conveyances: Title 64 RCW.
Termination of condominium: RCW 64.34.268.