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Diversion prevention and controlReport.

(a) [(1)] As used in this section, "diversion" means the transfer of any controlled substance from a licit to an illicit channel of distribution or use.
(b) [(2)] The department shall regularly prepare and make available to other state regulatory, licensing, and law enforcement agencies a report on the patterns and trends of actual distribution, diversion, and abuse of controlled substances.
(c) [(3)] The department shall enter into written agreements with local, state, and federal agencies for the purpose of improving identification of sources of diversion and to improve enforcement of and compliance with this chapter and other laws and regulations pertaining to unlawful conduct involving controlled substances. An agreement must specify the roles and responsibilities of each agency that has information or authority to identify, prevent, and control drug diversion and drug abuse. The department shall convene periodic meetings to coordinate a state diversion prevention and control program. The department shall arrange for cooperation and exchange of information among agencies and with neighboring states and the federal government.
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