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Cannabis processorsIncorporation of characterizing flavor in vapor products.

(1) Except as provided in subsection (2) of this section, cannabis processors may incorporate in cannabis vapor products a characterizing flavor if the characterizing flavor is derived from botanical terpenes naturally occurring in the cannabis plant, regardless of source, and if the characterizing flavor mimics the terpene profile found in a cannabis plant. Characterizing flavors authorized under this section do not include any synthetic terpenes.
(2) If the board determines a characterizing flavor otherwise authorized under this section may pose a risk to public health or youth access, the board may, by rule adopted under RCW 69.50.342, prohibit the use in cannabis vapor products of such a characterizing flavor.


IntentFinding2022 c 16: See note following RCW 69.50.101.
FindingsEffective date2020 c 133: See notes following RCW 69.50.342.
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