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Permit to sell, transfer, furnish, or receive substanceExemptionsApplication for permitFeeRenewalPenalty.

(1) Any manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or other person who sells, transfers, or otherwise furnishes any substance specified in RCW 69.43.010 to any person or who receives from a source outside of the state any substance specified in RCW 69.43.010 shall obtain a permit for the conduct of that business from the pharmacy quality assurance commission. However, a permit shall not be required of any manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, or other person for the sale, transfer, furnishing, or receipt of any drug that contains ephedrine, phenylpropanolamine, or pseudoephedrine, or of any cosmetic that contains a substance specified in RCW 69.43.010(1), if such drug or cosmetic is lawfully sold, transferred, or furnished over the counter without a prescription or by a prescription under chapter 69.04 or 69.41 RCW.
(2) Applications for permits shall be filed with the department in writing and signed by the applicant, and shall set forth the name of the applicant, the business in which the applicant is engaged, the business address of the applicant, and a full description of any substance sold, transferred, or otherwise furnished, or received.
(3) The commission may grant permits on forms prescribed by it. The permits shall be effective for not more than one year from the date of issuance.
(4) Each applicant shall pay at the time of filing an application for a permit a fee determined by the department.
(5) A permit granted under this chapter may be renewed on a date to be determined by the commission, and annually thereafter, upon the filing of a renewal application and the payment of a permit renewal fee determined by the department.
(6) Permit fees charged by the department shall not exceed the costs incurred by the department in administering this chapter.
(7) Selling, transferring, or otherwise furnishing, or receiving any substance specified in RCW 69.43.010 without a required permit, is a gross misdemeanor.


IntentSeverability2001 c 96: See notes following RCW 69.43.010.
Effective dateSeverability1989 1st ex.s. c 9: See RCW 43.70.910 and 43.70.920.
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