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DrugsMisbranding by failure to show usual name and ingredients.

If a drug is not designated solely by a name recognized in an official compendium it shall be deemed to be misbranded unless its label bears (1) the common or usual name of the drug, if such there be; and (2), in case it is fabricated from two or more ingredients, the common or usual name of each active ingredient, including the quantity, kind, and proportion of any alcohol, and also including, whether active or not, the name and quantity or proportion of any bromides, ether, chloroform, acetanilid, acetphenetidin, amidopyrine, antipyrine, atropine, hyoscine, hyoscyamime, arsenic, digitalis, glucosides, mercury, ouabain, strophanthin, strychnine, thyroid, or any derivative or preparation of any such substances, contained therein: PROVIDED, That to the extent that compliance with the requirements of clause (2) of this section is impracticable, exemptions shall be established by regulations promulgated by the director.
[ 1945 c 257 § 67; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 6163-116. Prior: 1923 c 36 § 2; 1907 c 211 § 4.]
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