Chapter 69.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 69.04.001Statement of purpose.
HTMLPDF 69.04.002Introductory.
HTMLPDF 69.04.003"Federal act" defined.
HTMLPDF 69.04.004"Intrastate commerce."
HTMLPDF 69.04.005"Sale."
HTMLPDF 69.04.006"Director."
HTMLPDF 69.04.007"Person."
HTMLPDF 69.04.008"Food."
HTMLPDF 69.04.009"Drugs."
HTMLPDF 69.04.010"Device."
HTMLPDF 69.04.011"Cosmetic."
HTMLPDF 69.04.012"Official compendium."
HTMLPDF 69.04.013"Label."
HTMLPDF 69.04.014"Immediate container."
HTMLPDF 69.04.015"Labeling."
HTMLPDF 69.04.016"Misleading labeling or advertisement," how determined.
HTMLPDF 69.04.017"Antiseptic" as germicide.
HTMLPDF 69.04.018"New drug" defined.
HTMLPDF 69.04.019"Advertisement."
HTMLPDF 69.04.020"Contaminated with filth."
HTMLPDF 69.04.040Prohibited acts.
HTMLPDF 69.04.050Remedy by injunction.
HTMLPDF 69.04.060Criminal penalty for violations.
HTMLPDF 69.04.070Additional penalty.
HTMLPDF 69.04.080Avoidance of penalty.
HTMLPDF 69.04.090Liability of disseminator of advertisement.
HTMLPDF 69.04.100Condemnation of adulterated or misbranded article.
HTMLPDF 69.04.110Embargo of articles.
HTMLPDF 69.04.120Procedure on embargo.
HTMLPDF 69.04.130Petitions may be consolidated.
HTMLPDF 69.04.140Claimant entitled to sample.
HTMLPDF 69.04.150Damages not recoverable if probable cause existed.
HTMLPDF 69.04.160Prosecutions.
HTMLPDF 69.04.170Minor infractions.
HTMLPDF 69.04.180Proceedings to be in name of state.
HTMLPDF 69.04.370Right of access for inspection.
HTMLPDF 69.04.410DrugsAdulteration by harmful substances.
HTMLPDF 69.04.420DrugsAdulteration for failure to comply with compendium standard.
HTMLPDF 69.04.430DrugsAdulteration for lack of represented purity or quality.
HTMLPDF 69.04.440DrugsAdulteration by admixture or substitution of ingredients.
HTMLPDF 69.04.450DrugsMisbranding by false labeling.
HTMLPDF 69.04.460Packaged drugsMisbranding.
HTMLPDF 69.04.470DrugsMisbranding by lack of prominent label.
HTMLPDF 69.04.480DrugsMisbranding for failure to state content of habit forming drug.
HTMLPDF 69.04.490DrugsMisbranding by failure to show usual name and ingredients.
HTMLPDF 69.04.500DrugsMisbranding by failure to give directions for use and warnings.
HTMLPDF 69.04.510DrugsMisbranding for improper packaging and labeling.
HTMLPDF 69.04.520DrugsMisbranding for failure to show possibility of deterioration.
HTMLPDF 69.04.530DrugsMisbranding by misleading representation.
HTMLPDF 69.04.540DrugsMisbranding by sale without prescription of drug requiring it.
HTMLPDF 69.04.550Drugs exempt if in transit for completion purposes.
HTMLPDF 69.04.560Dispensing of certain drugs exempt.
HTMLPDF 69.04.565DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) authorized.
HTMLPDF 69.04.570Introduction of new drug.
HTMLPDF 69.04.580Application for introduction.
HTMLPDF 69.04.590Effective date of application.
HTMLPDF 69.04.600Denial of application.
HTMLPDF 69.04.610Revocation of denial.
HTMLPDF 69.04.620Service of order of denial.
HTMLPDF 69.04.630Drug for investigational use exempt.
HTMLPDF 69.04.640Court review of denial.
HTMLPDF 69.04.650Dispensing of certain drugs exempt.
HTMLPDF 69.04.660Federally licensed drugs exempt.
HTMLPDF 69.04.670CosmeticsAdulteration by injurious substances.
HTMLPDF 69.04.680CosmeticsMisbranding by false label, etc.
HTMLPDF 69.04.690CosmeticsMisbranding by lack of prominent label.
HTMLPDF 69.04.700Cosmetics exempt if in transit for completion purposes.
HTMLPDF 69.04.710Advertisement, when deemed false.
HTMLPDF 69.04.720Advertising of cure of certain diseases deemed false.
HTMLPDF 69.04.730Enforcement, where vestedRegulations.
HTMLPDF 69.04.740Regulations to conform with federal regulations.
HTMLPDF 69.04.750Hearings.
HTMLPDF 69.04.761Hearing on proposed regulationProcedure.
HTMLPDF 69.04.770Review on petition prior to effective date.
HTMLPDF 69.04.780InvestigationsSamplesRight of entryVerified statements.
HTMLPDF 69.04.790Owner may obtain part of sample.
HTMLPDF 69.04.800Access to records of other agencies.
HTMLPDF 69.04.810Access to records of intrastate carriers.
HTMLPDF 69.04.820Right of entry to factories, warehouses, vehicles, etc.
HTMLPDF 69.04.830Publication of reports of judgments, orders and decrees.
HTMLPDF 69.04.840Dissemination of information.
HTMLPDF 69.04.850Construction1945 c 257.
HTMLPDF 69.04.860Effective date of chapter1945 c 257.
HTMLPDF 69.04.880Civil penalty.


Chapter 69.07 RCW does not impair authority of director or department under this chapter: RCW 69.07.160.
Dairies and dairy products: Chapter 15.36 RCW.
Food processing inspection account: RCW 69.07.120.
Patent medicine peddlers: Chapter 18.64 RCW.