Chapter 18.64 RCW


Pharmacy quality assurance commissionCreationMembershipOathVacancies.
CommissionMeetingsChairpersonCompensation and travel expenses.
CommissionPowers and duties.
CommissionContraceptive availability awareness.
Department of healthEnforcement employees declared to be peace officersAuthority.
Licensing required.
Examination fee.
Pharmacy licenseFeeDisplayDeclaration of ownership and locationPenalties.
Shopkeeper's registrationPenaltyEphedrine/pseudoephedrine/phenylpropanolamine.
Manufacturer's licenseFeesDisplayDeclaration of ownership and locationPenalties.
Wholesaler's licenseRequiredAuthority of licenseePenaltyEphedrine/pseudoephedrine/phenylpropanolamine.
Itinerant vendor's or peddler's registrationFeePenaltiesEphedrine/pseudoephedrine/phenylpropanolamine.
Duplicate for lost or destroyed license or certificateCertified documentsFees.
Licensing of pharmacistsRegistration of internsPrerequisitesExaminationsReciprocityFeesRenewal.
LicenseFeesDisplayInactive license.
Disciplinary action against pharmacist's and intern's licensesGrounds.
Uniform Disciplinary Act.
Refusal, suspension, and revocation of other licenses.
Refusal, suspension, and revocation of other licensesAppeal procedure.
Retired active license status.
Prescription recordsDigital or electronic formPenalty.
PrescriptionsLabelsCover or cap to meet safety standardsPenalty.
Unlawful practicesPenalty for violationsExceptions.
Authorized practices.
Prescription of legend drugs by dialysis programs.
Responsibility for drug purityCompoundingAdulterationPenalty.
Limitations on liability for dispensing of prescription.
General penalty.
Department of healthPowers and duties.
Nonresident pharmaciesFindings.
Nonresident pharmaciesDefinitionRequirementsExemptionReciprocity with Canadian pharmacies.
Nonresident pharmaciesLicense requiredApplicationRenewal.
Nonresident pharmaciesInformation requiredInspection.
Nonresident pharmaciesViolationsPenalties.
Nonresident pharmaciesDefinitionAdvertising.
Nonresident pharmaciesRules.
Nonresident pharmaciesInformation confidentialExceptions.
Cost disclosure to health care providers.
Health care entityLicense requirements for legend drugs and controlled substancesException.
Health care entityLicense feeRequirementsPenalty.
Health care entityRecords.
Waiver request to allow importation of prescription drugs from Canada.
Waiver request to authorize the state to license Canadian, United Kingdom, Irish, and other nondomestic prescription drug wholesalers under RCW 18.64.046ImplementationRules.
Tamper-resistant prescription pads or paper.
Limitation on authority to regulate or establish standards regarding a jail.
Dispensing of drug other than controlled substanceSupply limit.
Topical ophthalmic productsEarly refills authorized.
Provision of drugs to ambulance or aid services associated with providing emergency medical services to patients.
Chart order as prescriptionLong-term care facilities and hospice programs.
Nursing homes and hospice programsEmergency drug kitsSupplemental dose kits.
Long-term care facilities and hospice programsLegend drug resupplyShared pharmacy servicesUnused drugs.
Long-term care pharmaciesRatio of pharmacists to pharmacy techniciansStandards.
Long-term care facilities and hospice programsCommission authority.
Repealer1935 c 98.
AIDS education and training: Chapter 70.24 RCW.
Authority of pharmacy quality assurance commission to regulate packaging of drugs and cosmetics under poison prevention act: RCW 70.106.150.
Dentists, filling prescriptions issued by: RCW 18.32.685.
Drugs and cosmetics: Chapter 69.04 RCW.
Health professions accountFees creditedRequirements for biennial budget requestUnappropriated funds: RCW 43.70.320.
Licensee and registrant requirements regarding ephedrine, pseudoephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine: RCW 69.43.160.
Poisons and dangerous drugs, dispensing and sale: Chapter 69.40 RCW.
Rebating by vendors of medical supplies prohibited: Chapter 19.68 RCW.
Regulation of practice of medicine and surgery, sale of drugs and medicines: State Constitution Art. 20 § 2.
Unlawful to refill trademarked containers: RCW 19.76.110.
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