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Procedure on embargo.

When the director has embargoed an article, he or she shall, forthwith and without delay and in no event later than thirty days after the affixing of notice of its embargo, petition the superior court for an order affirming the embargo. The court then has jurisdiction, for cause shown and after prompt hearing to any claimant of the embargoed article, to issue an order which directs the removal of the embargo or the destruction or the correction and release of the article. An order for destruction or correction and release shall contain such provision for the payment of pertinent court costs and fees and administrative expenses as is equitable and which the court deems appropriate in the circumstances. An order for correction and release may contain such provision for a bond as the court finds indicated in the circumstances.
[ 1991 c 162 § 4; 1983 c 95 § 8; 1945 c 257 § 30; Rem. Supp. 1945 § 6163-79.]
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