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Cemetery arrangements, notice requirementsDisclosure of multiple interment.

(1) Every cemetery shall disclose and give to the person making cemetery arrangements a written statement, contract, or other document that indicates all the items of property, merchandise, and service that the customer is purchasing, and the price of those items.
(2) Any cemetery offering single burial use of multiple interment space must include the following disclosure on the written statement, contract, or other document in conspicuous boldface type no smaller than other text provisions in the written statement, contract, or other document, to be initialed by the person making the cemetery arrangements in immediate proximity to the space reserved for the signature lines:
State law provides that "multiple interment" means two or more noncremated human remains are buried in the ground, in outer burial enclosures or chambers, placed one on top of another, with a ground level surface the same size as a single grave or right of interment."
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