Chapter 68.24 RCW



68.24.010Right to acquire property.
68.24.020Surveys and maps.
68.24.030Declaration of dedication and mapsFiling.
68.24.040Dedication, when complete.
68.24.050Constructive notice.
68.24.060Maps and platsAmendment.
68.24.070Permanency of dedication.
68.24.080Rule against perpetuities, etc., inapplicable.
68.24.090Removal of dedicationProcedure.
68.24.100Notice of hearing.
68.24.110Sale of plots or rights of interment.
68.24.115Execution of conveyances.
68.24.120Plots or rights of interment indivisible.
68.24.130Sale for resale prohibitedPenalty.
68.24.140Commission on sales prohibitedPenalty.
68.24.150Unlawful employment of others to dispose of human remains.
68.24.160Liens subordinate to dedication.
68.24.170Record of ownership and transfers.
68.24.180Opening of roads, railroads through cemeteryConsent required.
68.24.190Opening road through cemeteryPenalty.
68.24.220Burying place exempt from execution.
68.24.240Certain cemetery lands exempt from taxes, etc.1901 c 147.
68.24.250Cemetery arrangements, notice requirementsDisclosure of multiple interment.