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Inspection of books and recordsGoods possessed or shippedRefusal as violation.

For the purpose of obtaining information concerning any matter relating to the administration or enforcement of this title, the board, or any person appointed by it in writing for the purpose, may inspect the books and records of
(1) any manufacturer;
(2) any license holder;
(3) any drug store holding a permit to sell on prescriptions;
(4) the freight and express books and records and all waybills, bills of lading, receipts and documents in the possession of any common carrier doing business within the state, containing any information or record relating to any goods shipped or carried, or consigned or received for shipment or carriage within the state. Every manufacturer, license holder, drug store holding a permit to sell on prescriptions, and common carrier, and every owner or officer or employee of the foregoing, who neglects or refuses to produce and submit for inspection any book, record or document referred to in this section when requested to do so by the board or by a person so appointed by it shall be guilty of a violation of this title.


Effective date1981 1st ex.s. c 5: See RCW 66.98.100.
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