Chapter 66.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 66.08.010Title liberally construed.
HTMLPDF 66.08.012Creation of boardChairQuorumSalary.
HTMLPDF 66.08.014Terms of membersVacanciesPrincipal officeRemovalDevotion of time to dutiesBondOath.
HTMLPDF 66.08.016Employees of the board.
HTMLPDF 66.08.020Liquor control board to administer.
HTMLPDF 66.08.022Attorney general is general counsel of boardDutiesAssistants.
HTMLPDF 66.08.024Annual auditState auditor's dutiesAdditional auditsPublic records.
HTMLPDF 66.08.026Appropriation and payment of administrative expenses from liquor revolving fund"Administrative expenses" defined.
HTMLPDF 66.08.030RegulationsScope.
HTMLPDF 66.08.050Powers of board in general.
HTMLPDF 66.08.0501Adoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 66.08.055Oaths may be administered and affidavits, declarations received.
HTMLPDF 66.08.060Advertising regulations.
HTMLPDF 66.08.071RulesFood service menu requirements.
HTMLPDF 66.08.080Interest in manufacture or sale of liquor prohibited.
HTMLPDF 66.08.090Sale of liquor by employees of board.
HTMLPDF 66.08.095Liquor for training or investigation purposes.
HTMLPDF 66.08.100Jurisdiction of action against boardImmunity from personal liability of members.
HTMLPDF 66.08.120Preemption of field by stateException.
HTMLPDF 66.08.130Inspection of books and recordsGoods possessed or shippedRefusal as violation.
HTMLPDF 66.08.140Inspection of books and recordsFinancial dealingsPenalty for refusal.
HTMLPDF 66.08.145Subpoena issuing authority.
HTMLPDF 66.08.150Board's action as to permits and licensesAdministrative procedure act, applicabilityAdjudicative proceedingOpportunity for hearingSummary suspension.
HTMLPDF 66.08.170Liquor revolving fundCreationCompositionState treasurer as custodianDaily deposits, exceptionsBudget and accounting act applicable.
HTMLPDF 66.08.180Liquor revolving fundDistributionReserve for administrationDisbursement to universities and state agencies.
HTMLPDF 66.08.190Liquor revolving fundDisbursement of excess funds to border areas, counties, cities, and townsDisbursements to the municipal research and services center.
HTMLPDF 66.08.195Liquor revolving fundDefinition of terms relating to border areas.
HTMLPDF 66.08.196Liquor revolving fundDistribution of funds to border areas.
HTMLPDF 66.08.198Liquor revolving fundDistribution of funds to border areasGuidelines adoption.
HTMLPDF 66.08.200Liquor revolving fundComputation for distribution to counties"Unincorporated area" defined.
HTMLPDF 66.08.210Liquor revolving fundComputation for distribution to cities.
HTMLPDF 66.08.240Transfer of funds pursuant to government service agreement.


Minors, access to tobacco, role of liquor and cannabis board: Chapter 70.155 RCW.
Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.