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RulesFood service menu requirements.

The board must consider revising current rules in order to provide greater flexibility regarding food service menu requirements that businesses holding a license issued by the board under Title 66 RCW must provide in conjunction with alcohol sales. This subsection [section] does not apply to licensees that were not required to provide food service under rules in effect on January 1, 2020. The purpose of this subsection [section] is to ease food menu requirements to make it more feasible financially for licensees to comply with the board's food service requirements but not replace food safety requirements in rule adopted by the department of health in chapter 246-215 WAC.


FindingsIntent2021 c 48: "The COVID-19 pandemic that arrived in Washington in 2020 led to historic economic disruptions and devastating health impacts in the state. In an effort to assist businesses and employees whose assets and livelihoods have been impacted by the strategies used to protect the public's health, the legislature finds that steps must be taken in the public interest to support the most severely impacted industries. The hospitality industry has suffered some of the most devastating impacts of any sector of the state's economy. The legislature finds that assisting this sector of the state's economy to survive and recover from the effects of the pandemic and the steps taken to combat its spread are an urgent priority that is in the best interests of the state and its residents. The legislature intends that these revisions at the same time continue to promote regulation of an orderly market for liquor sales while maintaining protection of public health and efficient collection of taxes and fees." [ 2021 c 48 § 1.]
Expiration of temporary authorizationCustomer identification2021 c 48: "Except as provided in section 2(9), chapter 48, Laws of 2021, any temporary authorization or relaxation of requirements provided by the Washington state liquor and cannabis board, in effect on April 14, 2021, related to authorizing the photographing or scanning of customer identification in lieu of obtaining a physical signature to document liquor product delivery or verify the age of customers, expires at the end of the governor's proclamation of emergency related to COVID-19." [ 2021 c 48 § 8.]
Expiration of temporary authorizationFood requirements2021 c 48: "Any temporary authorization or relaxation of statutory requirements provided by the Washington state liquor and cannabis board related to food requirements associated with wine and beer sampling at farmers markets expires at the end of the governor's proclamation of emergency related to COVID-19." [ 2021 c 48 § 9.]
Effective date2021 c 48: "This act is necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health, or safety, or support of the state government and its existing public institutions, and takes effect immediately [April 14, 2021]." [ 2021 c 48 § 10.]
Tax preference performance statement and expiration exemption2021 c 48: See note following RCW 82.08.150.
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