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Maintenance, repair, replacementLiability of unit ownerInspection.

(1) Except to the extent provided by the declaration, subsections (2) and (4) of this section, or RCW 64.90.470(8), the association must maintain, repair, and replace the common elements, including limited common elements, and each unit owner must maintain, repair, and replace that owner's unit.
(2) The board may by rule designate physical components of the property for which a unit owner is otherwise responsible that present a heightened risk of damage or harm to persons or property if the physical components fail. The association may require that specific measures be taken by the unit owner or the association to diminish that risk of harm. If a unit owner fails to accomplish any necessary maintenance, repair, or replacement to those components, or fails to take any other measures required of the unit owner under this subsection, the association may, after notice to a unit owner and an opportunity to be heard, enter the unit in the manner pursuant to subsection (3) of this section to perform such maintenance, repair, replacement, or measure at the expense of that unit owner.
(3) Upon prior notice, except in case of an emergency, each unit owner must afford to the association and the other unit owners, and to their agents or employees, access through that owner's unit and limited common elements reasonably necessary for the purposes stated in subsections (1) and (2) of this section, including necessary inspections by the association. If damage is inflicted on the common elements or on any unit through which access is taken, the unit owner responsible for the damage, or the association if it is responsible, is liable for the prompt repair of the damage.
(4) In addition to the liability that a declarant as a unit owner has under this chapter, the declarant alone is liable for all expenses in connection with real estate subject to development rights and no other unit owner and no other portion of the common interest community is subject to a claim for payment of those expenses. However, the declaration may provide that the expenses associated with the operation, maintenance, repair, and replacement of a common element that the owners have a right to use must be paid by the association as a common expense. Unless the declaration provides otherwise, any income or proceeds from real estate subject to development rights inures to the declarant.
(5) In a plat community or miscellaneous community, if all development rights have expired with respect to any real estate, the declarant remains liable for all expenses of that real estate unless, upon expiration, the declaration provides that the real estate becomes common elements or units.
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