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Organizational documents.

(1) Unless provided for in the declaration, the organizational documents of the association must:
(a) Provide the number of board members and the titles of the officers of the association;
(b) Provide for election by the board or, if the declaration requires, by the unit owners of a president, treasurer, secretary, and any other officers of the association the organizational documents specify;
(c) Specify the qualifications, powers and duties, terms of office, and manner of electing and removing board members and officers and filling vacancies in accordance with RCW 64.90.410;
(d) Specify the powers the board or officers may delegate to other persons or to a managing agent;
(e) Specify a method for the unit owners to amend the organizational documents;
(f) Describe the budget ratification process required under RCW 64.90.525, if not provided in the declaration;
(g) Contain any provision necessary to satisfy requirements in this chapter or the declaration concerning meetings, voting, quorums, and other activities of the association; and
(h) Provide for any matter required by law of this state other than this chapter to appear in the organizational documents of organizations of the same type as the association.
(2) Subject to the declaration and this chapter, the organizational documents may provide for any other necessary or appropriate matters.
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