Chapter 63.14 RCW



63.14.020Retail installment contractsNumber of documentsPromissory notesDateSignaturesCompletionType size.
63.14.030Retail installment contractsDelivery to buyer of copyAcknowledgment of delivery.
63.14.040Retail installment contractsContents.
63.14.043Retail installment contractsPurchase of motor vehicleSecondary products.
63.14.050Retail installment contractsMultiple documents permissible where original applies to purchases from time to time.
63.14.060Retail installment contractsMail orders based on catalog or other printed solicitation.
63.14.070Retail installment contractsSeller not to obtain buyer's signature when essential blank spaces not filledExceptions.
63.14.080Retail installment contractsPrepayment in full of unpaid time balanceRefund of unearned service charge"Rule of seventy-eighths."
63.14.090Retail installment contracts, retail charge agreements, and lender credit card agreementsDelinquency or collection chargesAttorney's fees, court costsOther provisions not inconsistent with chapter are permissible.
63.14.100Receipt for cash paymentRetail installment contracts, statement of payment schedule and total amount unpaid.
63.14.110Consolidation of subsequent purchases with previous contract.
63.14.120Retail charge agreements and lender credit card agreementsInformation to be furnished by seller.
63.14.123Restrictions on electronically printed credit and debit card receipts.
63.14.125Lender credit card agreementsSecurity interests prohibited.
63.14.127Retail installment contractsDog or cat as security interest.
63.14.130Retail installment contracts, retail charge agreements, and lender credit card agreementsService charge agreed to by contractOther fees and charges prohibited.
63.14.136Retail installment transactionUnconscionableJudicial action.
63.14.140Retail installment contracts, retail charge agreements, and lender credit card agreementsInsurance.
63.14.145Retail installment contracts and charge agreementsSale, transfer, or assignment.
63.14.150Retail installment contracts, retail charge agreements, and lender credit card agreementsAgreements by buyer not to assert claim or defense or to submit to suit in another county invalid.
63.14.151Retail installment contracts, retail charge agreements, and lender credit card agreementsCompliance with disclosure requirements of federal consumer protection act deemed compliance with chapter 63.14 RCW.
63.14.152Declaratory judgment action to establish if service charge is excessive.
63.14.154Cancellation of transaction by buyerProcedure.
63.14.156Extension or deferment of paymentsAgreement, charges.
63.14.158Refinancing agreementsCostsContents.
63.14.159New payment scheduleWhen authorized.
63.14.160Conduct or agreement of buyer does not waive remedies.
63.14.165Financial institution credit card agreement not subject to chapter 63.14 RCW, but subject to chapter 19.52 RCW.
63.14.167Lender credit card agreements and financial institution credit card agreementsCredit to account for returned goods or forgiveness of a debit for servicesStatement of credit to card issuerNotice to cardholder.
63.14.180Noncomplying person barred from recovery of service charge, etc.Remedy of buyerExtent of recovery.
63.14.190Restraint of violations.
63.14.200Assurance of discontinuance of unlawful practices.
63.14.210Violation of order or injunctionPenalty.
63.14.903Application, saving1981 c 77.
63.14.910Saving1963 c 236.
63.14.920Effective date1963 c 236.
63.14.921Effective dateSaving1967 c 234.
63.14.922Effective date1993 sp.s. c 5.
63.14.924Application1995 c 249.
63.14.925Savings1995 c 249.
63.14.926Effective date1995 c 249.


Consumer leases: Chapter 63.10 RCW.
InterestUsury: Chapter 19.52 RCW.