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Violations deemed unfair practice subject to chapter 19.86 RCW.

(1) The commission by any person of an act or practice prohibited by this chapter is hereby declared to be a matter affecting the public interest for the purpose of applying chapter 19.86 RCW and is not reasonable in relation to the development and preservation of business. A violation of this chapter constitutes an unfair or deceptive act or practice or unfair method of competition in the conduct of trade or commerce for the purpose of the attorney general bringing an action in the name of the state under the consumer protection act, pursuant to RCW 19.86.080.
(2) Evidence concerning violations of this chapter may be referred to the attorney general, who may, in his or her discretion, with or without such a reference, in addition to any other action the attorney general might commence, bring an action in the name of the state against any person to restrain and prevent the doing of any act or practice prohibited by this chapter. This chapter shall be considered in conjunction with chapters 9.04 and 19.86 RCW, and the powers and duties of the attorney general as such powers and duties appear in chapters 9.04 and 19.86 RCW shall apply against all persons subject to this chapter.
(3) Only the attorney general can bring an action under the consumer protection act, chapter 19.86 RCW, pursuant to this section.
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