Chapter 58.19 RCW



HTMLPDF 58.19.010Purpose.
HTMLPDF 58.19.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 58.19.030Exemptions from chapter.
HTMLPDF 58.19.045Public offering statementDeveloper's dutiesPurchaser's rights.
HTMLPDF 58.19.055Public offering statementContents.
HTMLPDF 58.19.120Report of changes requiredAmendments.
HTMLPDF 58.19.130Public offering statement formType and style restriction.
HTMLPDF 58.19.140Public offering statementPromotional use, distribution restrictionHolding out that state or employees, etc., approve development prohibited.
HTMLPDF 58.19.180Unlawful to sell lots or parcels subject to blanket encumbrance which does not provide purchaser can obtain clear titleAlternatives.
HTMLPDF 58.19.185Requiring purchaser to pay additional sum to construct, complete or maintain development.
HTMLPDF 58.19.190AdvertisingMaterially false, misleading, or deceptive statements prohibited.
HTMLPDF 58.19.265ViolationsRemediesAttorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 58.19.270Violations deemed unfair practice subject to chapter 19.86 RCW.
HTMLPDF 58.19.280Jurisdiction of superior courts.
HTMLPDF 58.19.300Hazardous conditionsNotice.
HTMLPDF 58.19.920Liberal construction.
HTMLPDF 58.19.940Short title.


Camping resort contractsNonapplicability of certain laws to: RCW 19.105.510.
Exemption of timeshares from chapter: RCW 64.36.290.