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L.I.D.'s authorizedPetition or resolution method.

If, for fire protection or emergency medical purposes the acquisition, maintenance, and operation of real property, buildings, apparatus, and instrumentalities needed to provide such services are of special benefit to part or all of the lands in the fire protection district, the board of fire commissioners may include the lands in a local improvement district, and may levy special assessments under a mode of annual installments extending over a period not exceeding twenty years on all property specially benefited by any local improvement, on the basis of the special benefits to pay in whole or in part the damages or costs of improvements ordered in the local improvement district. Local improvement districts may be initiated either by resolution of the board of fire commissioners or by petition signed by the owners of a majority of the acreage of lands to be included within the local improvement district.
If the petition procedure is followed, the petition shall set forth generally the necessity for the creation of a local improvement district, outline the plan of fire or emergency medical protection to be accomplished, and the means by which the cost shall be financed. Upon receipt of a petition, the board of fire commissioners of the district shall at its next regular meeting review the petition. The owners of the lands as shown on the general tax roll in the county treasurer's office, last equalized, shall be used to determine the ownership of the lands to be included in the local improvement district. If the petition is sufficient, the district board shall consider the petition and determine whether the proposed local improvement appears feasible and of special benefit to the lands concerned.
If the board of fire commissioners desire[s] to initiate the formation of a local improvement district by resolution, it shall adopt a resolution declaring its intention to order the proposed improvement, set forth the nature and territorial extent of the proposed improvement, designate the number of the proposed district, describe the boundaries, state the estimated costs and expenses of the improvement and the proportionate amount of the costs which will be borne by the property within the proposed district, and fix a date, time, and place for a public hearing on the formation of the proposed district.


SeverabilityConstruction1975 1st ex.s. c 130: See note following RCW 52.16.070.
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