Chapter 52.20 RCW



52.20.010L.I.D.'s authorizedPetition or resolution method.
52.20.020Dismissal, approval of petition or resolution of intentionNotice of hearing.
52.20.022Notice must contain statement that assessments may vary from estimates.
52.20.025Hearing and subsequent proceedings to be in accordance with laws applicable to cities and townsDefinitions.
52.20.027Lands subject to forest fire protection assessments exemptSeparation of forest-type lands for tax and assessment purposes.
52.20.060Coupon or registered warrantsPaymentInterestRegistration.
52.20.070Contracts not general district obligations.


Assessments and charges against state lands: Chapter 79.44 RCW.
Local improvements, supplemental authority: Chapter 35.51 RCW.
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