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City may not be included within districtExceptionsWithdrawal of city.

Effective January 1, 1960, every city or town, or portion thereof, which is situated within the boundaries of a fire protection district shall become automatically removed from such fire protection district, and no fire protection district shall thereafter include any city or town, or portion thereof, within its boundaries except as provided for in RCW 52.02.020, 52.04.061, 52.04.071, 52.04.081, 52.04.101, and 52.04.161.
However, if the area which incorporates or is annexed includes all of a fire protection district, the fire protection district, for purposes of imposing regular property taxes, shall continue in existence: (1)(a) Until the first day of January in the year in which the initial property tax collections of the newly incorporated city or town will be made, if a resolution is adopted under RCW 52.04.161 precluding annexation of the city or town to the district; (b) until the city or town is withdrawn from the fire protection district, if no such resolution is adopted and no ballot proposition under RCW 52.04.161 is approved; or (c) indefinitely, if such a ballot proposition is approved; or (2) until the first day of January in the year the annexing city or town will collect its property taxes imposed on the newly annexed area. The members of the city or town council or commission shall act as the board of commissioners to impose, receive, and expend these property taxes.
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