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Employer's false reporting or failure to secure payment of compensationFalse information by claimantsUnlawful actionsPenalties.

(1)(a) Any employer, who knowingly misrepresents to the department the amount of his or her payroll or employee hours upon which the premium under this title is based, shall be liable to the state for up to ten times the amount of the difference in premiums paid and the amount the employer should have paid and for the reasonable expenses of auditing his or her books and collecting such sums. Such liability may be enforced in the name of the department.
(b) An employer is guilty of a class C felony, if:
(i) The employer, with intent to evade determination and payment of the correct amount of the premiums, knowingly makes misrepresentations regarding payroll or employee hours; or
(ii) The employer engages in employment covered under this title and, with intent to evade determination and payment of the correct amount of the premiums, knowingly fails to secure payment of compensation under this title or knowingly fails to report the payroll or employee hours related to that employment.
(c) Upon conviction under (b) of this subsection, the employer shall be ordered by the court to pay the premium due and owing, a penalty in the amount of one hundred percent of the premium due and owing, and interest on the premium and penalty from the time the premium was due until the date of payment. The court shall:
(i) Collect the premium and interest and transmit it to the department of labor and industries; and
(ii) Collect the penalty and disburse it pro rata as follows: One-third to the investigative agencies involved; one-third to the prosecuting authority; and one-third to the general fund of the county in which the matter was prosecuted.
Payments collected under this subsection must be applied until satisfaction of the obligation in the following order: Premium payments; penalty; and interest.
(d) An employer found to have violated this subsection shall, in addition to any other penalties, be subject to the penalties in RCW 39.12.055.
(2) Any person claiming benefits under this title, who knowingly gives false information required in any claim or application under this title shall be guilty of a felony, or gross misdemeanor in accordance with the theft and anticipatory provisions of Title 9A RCW.


Conflict with federal requirementsSeverability2008 c 120: See notes following RCW 18.27.030.
SeverabilityEffective date1977 ex.s. c 323: See notes following RCW 51.04.040.
Effective datesSeverability1971 ex.s. c 289: See RCW 51.98.060 and 51.98.070.
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