Chapter 51.48 RCW



HTMLPDF 51.48.010Employer's liability for penalties, injury or disease occurring before payment of compensation secured.
HTMLPDF 51.48.017Self-insurer delaying or refusing to pay benefits.
HTMLPDF 51.48.020Employer's false reporting or failure to secure payment of compensationFalse information by claimantsUnlawful actionsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 51.48.022Failure to secure payment of compensationStop work orderPenaltyRules.
HTMLPDF 51.48.025Retaliation by employer prohibitedInvestigationRemedies.
HTMLPDF 51.48.030Failure to keep records and make reports.
HTMLPDF 51.48.040Inspection of employer's records.
HTMLPDF 51.48.050Liability for illegal collections for medical aid.
HTMLPDF 51.48.055Termination, dissolution, or abandonment of businessPersonal liability for unpaid premiums.
HTMLPDF 51.48.060Physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitionerFailure to report or comply.
HTMLPDF 51.48.075Information and training on premium liability.
HTMLPDF 51.48.080Violation of rules.
HTMLPDF 51.48.090Collection.
HTMLPDF 51.48.095Adjustment for inflation.
HTMLPDF 51.48.100WaiverPenalty-free periods.
HTMLPDF 51.48.103Engaging in business without certificate of coverageUnlawful actionsPenalties.
HTMLPDF 51.48.105Failure to apply for coverage of employeesNot applicable, when.
HTMLPDF 51.48.110Decedent having no beneficiariesPayment into supplemental pension fund.
HTMLPDF 51.48.120Notice of assessment for default in payments by employerIssuanceServiceContents.
HTMLPDF 51.48.131Notice of assessment for default in payments by employerAppeal.
HTMLPDF 51.48.140Notice of assessment for employer's default in paymentsWhen amount becomes finalWarrantExecutionGarnishmentFees.
HTMLPDF 51.48.150Notice of assessment for employer's default in paymentsNotice to withhold and deliver property due employer.
HTMLPDF 51.48.160Revocation of certificate of coverage for failure to pay warrants or taxes.
HTMLPDF 51.48.170Emergency assessment and collection of taxes.
HTMLPDF 51.48.180Emergency assessment and collection of taxesDistraint and sale of property.
HTMLPDF 51.48.190Emergency assessment and collection of taxesConduct of sale.
HTMLPDF 51.48.200Search and seizure of property to satisfy tax warrant or assessmentIssuance and execution of search warrant.
HTMLPDF 51.48.210Delinquent taxes.
HTMLPDF 51.48.220Order of execution upon propertyProcedureSale.
HTMLPDF 51.48.230Order of execution upon propertyEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 51.48.240Agents and employees of department not personally liableConditions.
HTMLPDF 51.48.250Liability of persons wilfully obtaining erroneous paymentsCivil penalties.
HTMLPDF 51.48.260Liability of persons unintentionally obtaining erroneous payments.
HTMLPDF 51.48.270Criminal liability of persons making false statements or concealing information.
HTMLPDF 51.48.280Kickbacks, bribes, and rebatesRepresentation feesCriminal liabilityExceptions.
HTMLPDF 51.48.290Written verification by health services providers.