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Financial statements and informationAnnual audit and report.

(1) The department shall:
(a) Prepare financial statements on the state fund in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles, including but not limited to financial statements on the accident fund, the medical aid fund, the supplemental pension fund, and the second injury fund. Statements must be presented separately by fund and in the aggregate; and
(b) Prepare financial information for the accident fund, medical aid fund, and pension reserve fund based on statutory accounting practices and principles promulgated by the national association of insurance commissioners for the purpose of maintaining actuarial solvency of these funds.
(2) Beginning in 2006, and, to avoid duplication, coordinated with any audit that may be conducted under RCW 43.09.310, the state auditor shall conduct annual audits of the state fund. As part of the audits required under this section, the state auditor may contract with firms qualified to perform all or part of the financial audit, as necessary.
(a) The firm or firms conducting the reviews shall be familiar with the accounting standards applicable to the accounts under review and shall have experience in workers' compensation reserving, discounting, and rate making.
(b) The scope of the financial audit shall include, but is not limited to:
(i) An opinion on whether the financial statements were prepared in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles;
(ii) An assessment of the financial impact of the proposed rate level on the actuarial solvency of the accident, medical aid, and pension reserve funds, taking into consideration the risks inherent with insurance and the effects of the actuarial assumptions, discount rates, reserving, retrospective rating program, refunds, and individual employer rate classes, as well as the standard accounting principles used for insurance underwriting purposes; and
(iii) A statement of actuarial opinion on whether the loss and loss adjustment expense reserves for the accident, medical aid, and pension reserve funds were prepared in accordance with generally accepted actuarial principles.
(c) The department shall cooperate with the state auditor in all respects and shall permit the state auditor full access to all information deemed necessary for a true and complete review.
(d) The cost of the audit shall be paid by the state fund under separate contract.
(3) The state auditor shall issue an annual report to the governor, the leaders of the majority and minority caucuses in the senate and the house of representatives, the director of the office of financial management, and the director of the department, on the results of the financial audit and reviews, within six months of the end of the fiscal year. The report may include recommendations.
(4) The audit report shall be available for public inspection.
(5) Within ninety days after the state auditor completes and delivers to the appropriate authority an audit under subsection (2) of this section, the director of the department shall notify the state auditor in writing of the measures taken and proposed to be taken, if any, to respond to the recommendations of the audit report. The state auditor may extend the ninety-day period for good cause.
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