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Injunction proceedings.

Any employer who shall be delinquent in the payment of contributions, interest, or penalties may be enjoined upon the suit of the state of Washington from continuing in business in this state or employing persons herein until the delinquent contributions, interest, and penalties shall have been paid, or until the employer shall have furnished a good and sufficient bond in a sum equal to double the amount of contributions, interest, and penalties already delinquent, plus such further sum as the court shall deem adequate to protect the department in the collection of contributions, interest, and penalties which will become due from such employer during the next ensuing calendar year, said bond to be conditioned upon payment of all contributions, interest, and penalties due and owing within thirty days after the expiration of the next ensuing calendar year or at such earlier date as the court may fix.
Action pursuant to the provisions of this section may be instituted in the superior court of any county of the state wherein the employer resides, has its principal place of business, or where it has anyone performing services for it, whether or not such services constitute employment.
[ 1979 ex.s. c 190 s 14; 1945 c 35 s 106; Rem. Supp. 1945 s 998-244. Prior: 1943 c 127 s 10; 1941 c 253 s 11.]
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