Chapter 50.24 RCW



HTMLPDF 50.24.010Payment of contributionsAmount of wages subject to taxWages paid by employers making payments in lieu of contributions not remuneration.
HTMLPDF 50.24.014Financing special unemployment assistanceFinancing the employment security department's administrative costsAccountsContributions.
HTMLPDF 50.24.015WagesDeemed paid when contractually due.
HTMLPDF 50.24.020Authority to compromise.
HTMLPDF 50.24.030Contributions erroneously paid to United States or another state.
HTMLPDF 50.24.040Interest on delinquent contributions.
HTMLPDF 50.24.050Lien for contributions generally.
HTMLPDF 50.24.060Lien in event of insolvency or dissolution.
HTMLPDF 50.24.070Order and notice of assessment.
HTMLPDF 50.24.080Jeopardy assessment.
HTMLPDF 50.24.090Distraint, seizure, and sale.
HTMLPDF 50.24.100Distraint procedure.
HTMLPDF 50.24.110Notice and order to withhold and deliver.
HTMLPDF 50.24.115WarrantAuthorizedFilingLienEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 50.24.120Collection by civil action.
HTMLPDF 50.24.125Collection by civil actionCollection of delinquent payments in lieu of contributions from political subdivisions or instrumentalities thereof.
HTMLPDF 50.24.130Contractor's and principal's liability for contributionsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 50.24.140Collection remedies cumulative.
HTMLPDF 50.24.150Contribution adjustments and refunds.
HTMLPDF 50.24.160Election of coverage.
HTMLPDF 50.24.170Joint accounts.
HTMLPDF 50.24.180Injunction proceedings.
HTMLPDF 50.24.190Limitation of actions.
HTMLPDF 50.24.200Chargeoff of uncollectible accounts.
HTMLPDF 50.24.210Contributions due and payable upon termination or disposal of businessSuccessor liability.
HTMLPDF 50.24.220Client employer liabilityCollection.
HTMLPDF 50.24.230Corporate or limited liability company officers, members, and ownersPersonal liability.