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Collection by civil action.

(1) If after due notice, any employer defaults in any payment of contributions, interest, or penalties, the amount due may be collected by civil action in the name of the state, and the employer adjudged in default shall pay the cost of such action. Any lien created by this title may be foreclosed by decree of the court in any such action. Civil actions brought under this title to collect contributions, interest, or penalties from an employer shall be heard by the court at the earliest possible date and shall be entitled to preference upon the calendar of the court over all other civil actions except petitions for judicial review under this title and cases arising under the industrial insurance laws of this state.
(2) Any employing unit which is not a resident of this state and which exercises the privilege of having one or more individuals perform service for it within this state, and any resident employing unit which exercises that privilege and thereafter removes from this state, shall be deemed thereby to appoint the secretary of state as its agent and attorney for the acceptance of process in any action under this title. In instituting such an action against any such employing unit the commissioner shall cause such process or notice to be filed with the secretary of state and such service shall be sufficient service upon such employing unit, and shall be of the same force and validity as if served upon it personally within this state: PROVIDED, That the commissioner shall forthwith send notice of the service of such process or notice, together with a copy thereof, by registered mail, return receipt requested, to such employing unit at its last known address and such return receipt, the commissioner's affidavit of compliance with the provisions of this section, and a copy of the notice of service shall be appended to the original of the process filed in the court in which such action is pending.
(3) The courts of this state shall in the manner provided in subsections (1) and (2) of this section entertain actions to collect contributions, interest, or penalties for which liability has accrued under the employment security law of any other state or of the federal government.


Civil procedure: Title 4 RCW.
Industrial insurance: Title 51 RCW.
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