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Employee may bring civil actionDamages and relief.

(1) Subject to subsection (2) of this section, an employee may bring a civil action against an employer for violation of RCW 49.58.020 and 49.58.030 through 49.58.050 for actual damages; statutory damages equal to the actual damages or five thousand dollars, whichever is greater; interest of one percent per month on all compensation owed; and costs and reasonable attorneys' fees. The court may also order reinstatement and injunctive relief. The employee must bring a civil action within three years of the date of the alleged violation of this chapter regardless of whether the employee pursued an administrative complaint. Filing a civil action under this chapter shall terminate the director's processing of the complaint under RCW 49.58.030 or 49.58.060. Recovery of any wages and interest owed must be calculated from four years from the last violation prior to the date of filing the civil action.
(2) An employee alleging a violation of RCW 49.58.030 is entitled to relief only if the court determines that the employer committed a pattern of violations as to the employee or committed a violation through application of a formal or informal employer policy or practice.
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