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Notice of consumer rights concerning balance billing protectionDevelopment of standard template language by commissioner.

(1) The commissioner, in consultation with health carriers, health care providers, health care facilities, and consumers, must develop standard template language for a notice of consumer rights notifying consumers that:
(a) The prohibition against balance billing in this chapter is applicable to health plans issued by carriers in Washington state and self-funded group health plans that elect to participate in RCW 48.49.020 through 48.49.040 as provided in RCW 48.49.130;
(b) They cannot be balance billed for the health care services described in RCW 48.49.020 and will receive the protections provided by RCW 48.49.030; and
(c) They may be balance billed for health care services under circumstances other than those described in RCW 48.49.020 or if they are enrolled in a health plan to which chapter 427, Laws of 2019 does not apply, and steps they can take if they are balance billed.
(2) The standard template language must include contact information for the office of the insurance commissioner so that consumers may contact the office of the insurance commissioner if they believe they have received a balance bill in violation of this chapter.
(3) The office of the insurance commissioner shall determine by rule when and in what format health carriers, health care providers, and health care facilities must provide consumers with the notice developed under this section.
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