Chapter 48.49 RCW



48.49.003FindingsIntent2019 c 427.
48.49.005Short title.
48.49.020Balance billingWhen prohibitedCarrier's duty to hold an enrollee harmless from balance billing under certain circumstances.
48.49.030Enrollee's obligation to pay for servicesWhen satisfiedDetermination of commercially reasonable payment amount through good faith negotiation between carrier and out-of-network provider or facilityCarrier's duties.
48.49.040Dispute resolution processDetermination of commercially reasonable payment amount.
48.49.050Commissioner's annual report on dispute resolution information regarding arbitration over commercially reasonable payment amounts.
48.49.060Notice of consumer rights concerning balance billing protectionDevelopment of standard template language by commissioner.
48.49.070Hospital or ambulatory surgical facilityRequirement to provide certain information on web site or upon consumer requestRequirement to provide carriers with nonemployed provider lists.
48.49.080Health care providerRequirement to provide certain information on web site or upon consumer requestRequirement to submit network status information to carriers.
48.49.090CarrierRequirement to update web site and provider directoryRequirement to provide enrollee with certain information.
48.49.100Pattern of unresolved violationsEnforcement action by department of health or appropriate disciplining authority.
48.49.110Rule-making authority.
48.49.120No application of chapter to health plans under chapter 74.09 RCW.
48.49.130Application of chapter to self-funded group health plans that elect to participate in balance billing protection provisionsAnnual notice to commissioner.
48.49.140Liberal construction of chapter to promote public interest.
48.49.150Determining the adequacy of provider networksRequired considerations.
48.49.900Effective date2019 c 427.