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Registration with commissionerFee.

Every health care service contractor who or which enters into agreements which require prepayment for health care services shall register with the insurance commissioner on forms to be prescribed and provided by him or her. Such registrants shall state their name, address, type of organization, area of operation, type or types of health care services provided, and such other information as may reasonably be required by the insurance commissioner and shall file with such registration a copy of all contracts being offered and a schedule of all rates charged. No registrant shall change any rates, modify any contract, or offer any new contract, until he or she has filed a copy of the changed rate schedule, modified contract, or new contract with the insurance commissioner. The insurance commissioner shall charge a fee of ten dollars for the filing of each original registration statement and may require each registrant to file a current reregistration statement annually thereafter.
[ 2009 c 549 § 7145; 1947 c 268 § 4; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 6131-13.]
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