Chapter 48.44 RCW



HTMLPDF 48.44.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.011Insurance producerDefinitionLicense requiredApplication, issuance, renewal, feesPenalties involving license.
HTMLPDF 48.44.013Filings with secretary of stateCopy for commissioner.
HTMLPDF 48.44.015Registration by health care service contractors requiredPenalty.
HTMLPDF 48.44.016Unregistered activitiesActs committed in this stateSanctions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.017Schedule of rates for individual contractsLoss ratioDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.020Contracts for servicesExamination of contract forms by commissionerGrounds for disapprovalLiability of participant.
HTMLPDF 48.44.021Calculation of premiumsMembers of a purchasing poolAdjusted community rating methodDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.022Calculation of premiumsAdjusted community rateDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.023Health plan benefits for small employersCoverageExemption from statutory requirementsPremium ratesRequirements for providing coverage for small employers.
HTMLPDF 48.44.024Requirements for plans offered to small employersDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.026Payment for certain health care services.
HTMLPDF 48.44.030Underwriting of indemnity by insurance policy, bond, securities, or cash deposit.
HTMLPDF 48.44.033Financial failureSupervision of commissionerPriority of distribution of assets.
HTMLPDF 48.44.035Limited health care serviceUncovered expendituresMinimum net worth requirements.
HTMLPDF 48.44.037Minimum net worthRequirement to maintainDetermination of amount.
HTMLPDF 48.44.039Minimum net worthDomestic or foreign health care service contractor.
HTMLPDF 48.44.040Registration with commissionerFee.
HTMLPDF 48.44.050Rules and regulations.
HTMLPDF 48.44.055Plan for handling insolvencyCommissioner's review.
HTMLPDF 48.44.057InsolvencyCommissioner's dutiesParticipants' optionsAllocation of coverage.
HTMLPDF 48.44.060Penalty.
HTMLPDF 48.44.080Master lists of contractor's participating providersFiling with commissionerNotice of termination or participation.
HTMLPDF 48.44.090Refusal to register corporate, etc., contractor if name confusing with existing contractor or insurance company.
HTMLPDF 48.44.095Annual financial statementFilingsContentsFeePenalty for failure to file.
HTMLPDF 48.44.100Filing inaccurate financial statement prohibited.
HTMLPDF 48.44.110False representation, advertising.
HTMLPDF 48.44.120Misrepresentations of contract terms, benefits, etc.
HTMLPDF 48.44.130Future dividends or refundsWhen permissible.
HTMLPDF 48.44.140Misleading comparisons to terminate or retain contract.
HTMLPDF 48.44.145Examination of contractorsDuties of contractor, powers of commissionerIndependent audit reports.
HTMLPDF 48.44.150Certificate of registration not an endorsementDisplay in solicitation prohibited.
HTMLPDF 48.44.160Revocation, suspension, refusal of registrationHearingCease and desist orders, injunctive actionGrounds.
HTMLPDF 48.44.164Notice of suspension, revocation, or refusal to be given contractorAuthority of insurance producers.
HTMLPDF 48.44.166Fine in addition to or in lieu of suspension, revocation, or refusal.
HTMLPDF 48.44.170Hearings and appeals.
HTMLPDF 48.44.180Enforcement.
HTMLPDF 48.44.200Individual health care service plan contractsCoverage of dependent child with developmental or physical disability.
HTMLPDF 48.44.210Group health care service plan contractsCoverage of dependent child with developmental or physical disability.
HTMLPDF 48.44.212Coverage of dependent children to include newborn infants and congenital anomalies from moment of birthNotification period.
HTMLPDF 48.44.215Option to cover child under age twenty-six.
HTMLPDF 48.44.220Discrimination prohibited.
HTMLPDF 48.44.225Podiatric physicians and surgeons not excluded.
HTMLPDF 48.44.230Individual health service plan contractReturn within ten days of deliveryRefundsVoid from beginningNotice required.
HTMLPDF 48.44.240Chemical dependency benefitsProvisions of group contracts delivered or renewed after January 1, 1988.
HTMLPDF 48.44.241Chemical dependency benefitsRCW 48.21.160 through 48.21.190, 48.44.240 inapplicable, when.
HTMLPDF 48.44.245"Chemical dependency" defined.
HTMLPDF 48.44.250Payment of premium by employee in event of suspension of compensation due to labor dispute.
HTMLPDF 48.44.260Notice of reason for cancellation, denial, or refusal to renew contract.
HTMLPDF 48.44.270Immunity from libel or slander.
HTMLPDF 48.44.290Registered nurses or advanced registered nurses.
HTMLPDF 48.44.299Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 48.44.300Podiatric medicine and surgeryBenefits not to be denied.
HTMLPDF 48.44.305When injury caused by intoxication or use of narcotics.
HTMLPDF 48.44.309Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 48.44.310Chiropractic care, coverage required, exceptions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.315Diabetes coverageDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.320Home health care, hospice care, optional coverage requiredStandards, limitations, restrictionsRulesMedicare supplemental contracts excluded.
HTMLPDF 48.44.323Prescribed, self-administered anticancer medication.
HTMLPDF 48.44.325MammogramsInsurance coverage.
HTMLPDF 48.44.327Prostate cancer screening.
HTMLPDF 48.44.330Reconstructive breast surgery.
HTMLPDF 48.44.335Mastectomy, lumpectomy.
HTMLPDF 48.44.341Mental health servicesHealth plansDefinitionCoverage required, when.
HTMLPDF 48.44.342Mental health treatmentWaiver of preauthorization for persons involuntarily committed.
HTMLPDF 48.44.344Benefits for prenatal diagnosis of congenital disordersContracts entered into or renewed on or after January 1, 1990.
HTMLPDF 48.44.350Financial interests of health care service contractors, restrictedExceptions, regulations.
HTMLPDF 48.44.360Continuation option to be offered.
HTMLPDF 48.44.370Conversion contract to be offeredExceptions, conditions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.380Conversion contractRestrictions and requirementsRules.
HTMLPDF 48.44.390Modification of basis of agreement, endorsement required.
HTMLPDF 48.44.400Continuance provisions for former family members.
HTMLPDF 48.44.420Coverage for adopted children.
HTMLPDF 48.44.430Cancellation of rider.
HTMLPDF 48.44.440Phenylketonuria.
HTMLPDF 48.44.450Neurodevelopmental therapiesEmployer-sponsored group contracts.
HTMLPDF 48.44.460Temporomandibular joint disordersInsurance coverage.
HTMLPDF 48.44.465PrescriptionsPreapproval of individual claimsSubsequent rejection prohibitedWritten record required.
HTMLPDF 48.44.470Nonresident pharmacies.
HTMLPDF 48.44.495Dental services that are not subject to contract or provider agreement.
HTMLPDF 48.44.500Denturist services.
HTMLPDF 48.44.530Disclosure of certain material transactionsReportInformation is confidential.
HTMLPDF 48.44.535Material acquisitions or dispositions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.540Asset acquisitionsAsset dispositions.
HTMLPDF 48.44.545Report of a material acquisition or disposition of assetsInformation required.
HTMLPDF 48.44.550Material nonrenewals, cancellations, or revisions of ceded reinsurance agreements.
HTMLPDF 48.44.555Report of a material nonrenewal, cancellation, or revision of ceded reinsurance agreementsInformation required.
HTMLPDF 48.44.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Insurance producers appointed by health care service contractors, additional regulations applicable: RCW 48.17.065.