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Fraternal mutual insurers.

(1) A domestic mutual property insurer which is affiliated with and is comprised exclusively of members of a specified fraternal society that conducts its business and secures its membership on the lodge system, having ritualistic work and ceremonies, is herein designated as a fraternal mutual insurer.
(2) Only fraternal mutual property insurers which were authorized insurers immediately prior to October 1, 1947, may hereafter be so authorized.
(3) A fraternal mutual insurer shall be subject to the applicable provisions of this title governing domestic mutual insurers except only as to the provisions relative to taxes, fees, and licenses. The bylaws of such insurer shall be as adopted or amended by majority vote of its members present at a duly held meeting of its members, and a copy thereof shall be filed with the commissioner. Such an insurer shall pay for its annual license and filing its annual statement, the sum of ten dollars. Such an insurer shall pay the expense of examinations of it by the commissioner. The payment shall be made upon receipt of statements furnished by the commissioner.
(4) A fraternal mutual insurer may insure corporations, associations, and firms owned by and affiliated with such society and operated for the benefit of its members, and may insure corporations and firms a majority of whose shareholders or members are members of such society.
(5) A fraternal mutual insurer shall participate in and accept its equitable share of insurance to be issued to applicants under any assigned risk plan operating pursuant to RCW 48.22.020, and may participate in and accept its equitable share of insurance to be issued to applicants under any similar plan lawfully existing in any state in which the insurer is authorized to transact insurance, notwithstanding that the applicants are not otherwise qualified for insurance under subsection (4) of this section. Applicants who are not qualified by membership or otherwise for acceptance by the insurer, shall be so assigned to the insurer except to make up the deficiency, if any, between the number of qualified applicants available for assignment and the maximum quota of applicants to be assigned to the insurer within the current period.
(6) A fraternal mutual insurer doing business on the assessment premium plan:
(a) Shall be exempt also from the provisions of this chapter governing financial qualifications;
(b) Shall not be authorized to transact any kind of insurance other than property insurance, nor have authority to accept reinsurance.
(7) A fraternal mutual insurer doing business on the cash premium plan:
(a) May be authorized to transact additional kinds of insurance, other than life or title insurance, subject to the same requirements as to surplus funds and reserves as apply to domestic mutual insurers on the cash premium plan;
(b) May accept reinsurance only of such kinds of insurance as it is authorized to transact direct and only from insurers likewise affiliated with and composed solely of the members of the same designated fraternal society.
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